Rates for taxicab service in the City of Philadelphia are as follows:

Metered Rate:

  • First 1/10 mile (flag drop) or fraction thereof: $2.70
  • Each additional 1/10 mile or fraction thereof: $0.23
  • Each 37.6 seconds of wait time: $0.23

Flat Rate from the Center City Zone to the Airport:

  • $28.50 per one way trip regardless of the number of passengers.

Flat Rate from the Airport to the Center City Zone:

  • $28.50 per one way trip for one passenger. Each additional passenger above one must pay $1 except for children twelve and under.

The flat rate is charged in lieu of the metered rate by all Medallion Cabs for trips between the Philadelphia International Airport and the zone described below. This fare includes the airport egress fee. A $1.00 per passenger surcharge for each additional passenger after the first is to be added to the meter after the flat fee is engaged on the meter by the driver when leaving the airport. This applies only to passengers over the age of twelve. If the trip necessitates a drop-off at more than one destination in the Center City zone, the following applies: The flat rate and all additional per passenger surcharges of $1.00 each are to be collected upon departure of the first passenger in the Center City flat rate zone. The driver will then reset the meter initiating a new flag drop for each of the remaining passengers if each requires a separate drop-off.

Minimum Rate from the Airport:

  • The minimum fare including the egress fee for any trip starting at an airport cabstand at the Philadelphia International Airport shall be $11.00.
  • If the fare goes over $11.00, a $1.50 egress fee must be added.


  • Tolls are to be paid by the customer to cover roundtrips. Tolls that are only charged one-way such as the bridges to New Jersey must be paid regardless of the direction of travel. Tolls that are charged each way such as turnpike tolls shall be doubled to compensate the driver for the return trip.

Airport Egress Fee:

  • The $1.50 egress fee shall be added to all metered fares leaving the Philadelphia International Airport except for trips being charged the flat rate to the Center City Zone and for metered trips being charged the $11 minimum fare (egress fee already included).


  • There is no additional charge for handling baggage or other items that can be safely carried in the vehicle.

Fuel Surcharge:

  • On April 23, 2012 the Board of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, at its scheduled April meeting approved a measure implementing a fuel surcharge system for all Philadelphia Taxicabs and Airport Transfer Services, (a category of limousine service largely provided in vans).The surcharge system allows for the fuel surcharge to change monthly based on fluctuating gas prices as described in the chart posted with the Board Resolution of April 23, 2012 (see link for chart on this page at December 19 Posting).As required in the April 23, 2012 Resolution, the average price per gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline must be evaluated each month, the corresponding surcharge determined and then posted on the Taxicab and Limousine page of the Authority’s website on the third Friday of that month for the following month.

    Accordingly, based upon an average price per gallon of regular gasoline in June 2013 of $3.56, the fuel surcharge for July 1, 2013 through July 31, 2013 is as follows:

    For Taxicabs – $1.00 per trip.

    For Airport Transfer Services (as described above) – $2.25 per passenger.

* Tips are not included in the fare
** Fares are per cab not per person

Flat Rate Zone is defined as the area between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, between South Street on the southand Fairmount Avenue on the north. West of the Schuylkill River to 38th Street between JFK Boulevard around 30th Street Station (2900 Arch Street) to it’s intersection with 32nd and Market Street and along a line west on Market to it’s intersection with 38th Street, south on 38th Street to it’s intersection with Spruce Street, east on Spruce Street to it’s intersection with South Street.