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You can reach us 24/7 at 215-535-6700 for GPS Disptach for the Ground Transportation

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Philadelphia Taxi Cab Service is the fastest growing airport cab company in Greater Philadelphia Area.  We have the most reliable and trained airport cab dispatchers and our drivers are courteous. We offer Guaranteed satisfaction for your trip to the Philadelphia International Airport . If you will make your reservation in advance with us, and we will guarantee that your cab will be there on TIME.

Taxi services can be accessed at Zone 5 on the Commercial Transportation Roadway.

All Taxi rates are based per trip, not per person. Most taxis can accommodate up to 3 passengers. In some cases certain vehicle types can accommodate 4 passengers. Child safety restraint rules apply to taxis.

$10.00 minimum fare from the Airport to any destination

Fares are based on the meter, which based upon entry (flag drop) is $2.70 and $2.30 per mile or portion thereof. An additional $1.00 per passenger ($3.00 maximum) after the first passenger will be charged on flat rate trips between the Airport and Center City for passengers over age 12. In addition, there will be charged an additional $1.50 Airport fee.

$28.50 Flat Rate from the Airport to Central Philadelphia Area

This area encompasses: Fairmount Ave (most Northern point), South Street (most Southern point) Delaware River (most eastern point) and University City/ 38th Street (most Western point). Any destination that falls within these boundaries is eligible for the Center City flat rate.

We offer Non Stop 24 hours Airport Cab service.

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